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Top Ideas & Solutions is a small business assisting South Australian small businesses, community groups, government agencies and individuals. Our Excel training arm is located here at Excel Training Adelaide

As the business name suggests, Top Ideas uses problem-solving techniques to solve problems that others are having with their every day computing. However, other ideas have been formulated to assist in other areas. For example, Top Ideas suggested and operated a selling campaign for Hermitage Premium Wines in a response to 'How can I market my product without spending a fortune on advertising?' The solution not only gave Australia-wide exposure to the wine label, but actually generated income rather than expenditure. It also resulted in a database of willing email recipients.

Website construction and design, virus and malware/adware removal, PC troubleshooting and assistance in using Google advertising campaigns like Ad Words to increase a website's position in Google's search results pages. Why not ring for a chat?

Top Ideas has expanded to include Excel Training Sydney and also Excel Programming Adelaide. Recently, we have expanded to Excel Training Melbourne

Due to COVID restrictions and face to face clases, we launched a NEW Excel training platform: Remote Excel Training through which people in remote locations, generally in Australia, can have customised Excel training at their desktop or in their boardroom no matter if they are in Moomba or Roxby Downs, Port Headland or on an oil rig platform off the coast. This means that staff can have explicit Excel training without the need to travel and all the assopciated costs of accommodation, absence from the workplace fares. Also, the training need only be an hour or more rather than a whole day (to make the trip worthwhile).

Online business forms have taken off in the past few years. Many businesses have asked Top Ideas to create simple and safe contact forms which match their website's theme. However, it is in complex business forms with 'logic' which are the most interest. There is now a national company who has swapped many of its paper-based forms for online forms and has therefore benefitted from the increased speed and productivity.

Excel Training Adelaide

For nearly 20 years Excel Training Adelaide has been offering Excel training to government departments, businesses and individuals. A huge, loyal group of businesses has seen this arm of Top Ideas flourish.

Excel Training Sydney

Beginning in 2014, Excel Training Sydney has begun offering MS Excel training to businesses in Sydney CBD. Leads are generated through the website and are allocated to a team of very experienced Excel trainers.

VBA Programming

Businesses everywhere have a need to automate their Excel tasks. This is done using Excel VBA. This often calls for very creative solutions to complex problems. Currently, all requests have been completed successfully.

Remote Training

Many outback and distant businesses have a need for Excel training. However, sending one or more workers to a capital city to causes disruption and can cost hundreds of dollars. Remote Excel training has all the answers.

Online Forms

Recently, businesses have moved from paper-based forms to online forms. The forms that Top Ideas create involve logic allowing for fields to appear or disappear based on the user's selections.

Access Databases

Access databases are used to store large amounts of data, search that data and display reports. This is a specialty of Top Ideas.

Recent Projects

Below are samples of recent projects which Top Ideas has begun or has completed. Due to privacy, some projects may simply appear as images.

Online Business Forms

Online Forms

Whilst many forms are on the company's intranet, here are some which are open to the world.

View SmartBroker Website

Excel Training

Customised Excel training for government departments, small and large businesses, organisations and individuals.

View Adelaide   View Sydney

Remote Excel Training

Oil rigs, outback locations all will benefit from Remote Excel Training.

View Remote Excel Website

VBA Programming

Improve productivity by using macros in Excel (and Access). Automate dull, repetitive or even complex tasks

View Programming Website

Website Design

Responsive, dynamic websites able to be viewed on all devises and browsers. Google friendly.

View One Fine Stay

Excel Projects

Bespoke solutions. This example allows customers to type in paint from competitor and see Astec Paints' equivalent

View Equivalents

Excel Projects

Gallery One front of house sales register for non-Excel users.

View Sales Register

Access Databases

Digitising Rose Park Primary School's documents and artifacts using Access database.

View Database

Where our skills are needed

Top Ideas offers a range of skills in Excel, VBA Macro programming, online forms and Access. Here is a breakdown in the number of busineeses per year or jobs undertaken for businesses in a typical year:

Excel Training


Problem Solving


Online Forms


VBA (Macro) Programming






Why People Like Top Ideas

Fully qualified Trainer

Our trainer, Roger, has a Diploma In Teaching, Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment and a Certificate 4 in IT.

Experience includes 4 years as a Lecturer in IT at TAFESA, 4 years as a lecturer at UNISA and 20 years running training for Top Ideas & Solutions.
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Affordability WITH Quality

There is a standard charge for all types of work. Currently that is $80/hour + GST. Discounts are given to deserving clients. Mates' rates are invoked from time to time.

With virus removal and other computer services, there is a 'No Fix - No Pay' policy. Over 20 years that has rarely been used.

Fast Yet Dependable and Accurate

Some Australian companies have turned offshore seeking cheaper staff or staff who are able to work when Australia sleeps. Having Top Ideas undertake your projects is the same deal. Cheaper than the competition and works tirelessly, at all hours, until the work is finished. The work is always accurate and invoices for payment are not issued until the work is finished and the client is happy.

New Ways To Do Old Things

At Top Ideas, you get exactly that. We are always coming up with practical ideas to solve our clients' problems. That occurs mainly in Excel, and with Excel VBA (macro) programming but can be applied in all tasks.

Our online form solutions have made many businesses VERY happy. That have enabled them to move from paper-based forms to online forms.

Our Suite of Sites

For Excel training when in Adelaide please try Excel Training Adelaide

For Excel training when in Sydney please try Excel Training Sydney

Or Excel training when in Sydney please try Excel Courses Sydney

For Excel training in remote locations Remote Excel Training

For Excel programming (VBA macros) please check out Excel Programming Adelaide

If you have a need for online forms visit Online Forms Australia

When travelling in Bali we use Cheap Tours Bali